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Frogtown Fresh: 452 Thomas


Preserve Frogtown became a reality this year!! The new Preserve Frogtown LLC purchased 452 Thomas and is rehabilitating the property for sale, hopefully to a Frogtown resident this summer. Built in 1889, 452 Thomas is an example a pattern book Victorian house and housed many different Frogtown families through the years. The Twin Cities Land Bank will purchase 573 Charles from Habitat for Humanity and hold the property while Preserve Frogtown works with the community to decide how we redevelop the historic building and to whom we market the home after rehab.

An initiative to honor and promote the cultural and architectural heritage of this resilient working class community, we hope to brand Frogtown as a special place to live and work. Preserve Frogtown will also do intensive outreach to the blocks closest to our rehabilitation projects and bring housing resources to our neighbors there.