Board Of Directors


The Frogtown Neighbohood Association's Board of Director's meetings are held on the second Tuesday of every month (with the exception of June and December) at the King's Crossing Community Room at the Northeast corner of Dale and University, from 6-8.  All are welcome!!!

The Frogtown Neighborhood Association is a federally recognized Not-for-Profit organization. Therefore, it has a Board of Directors which is responsible for our long-term stability. All members of our Board go through an election process and is made up of people who live, work, or own property within our boundaries.

Corina Serrano - Board Chair

Christine Chapman

Debbie Weinhold

Metric Giles

Aki Shibata


Sara Dunlap

Tong Thao

Tou Saik Lee

Joyce Williams

Abu Nayeem

Cossandra Lloyd

Nima Ahmed

Queen Frye

Ruti Doto

Soyini Guyton

Tabitha Mitchell

Walter Battle