Small family owned businesses are the backbone of the Frogtown Community. By supporting our neighbors and buying local, we can ensure that we keep hard earned Frogtown dollars circulating amongst ourselves, and big corporate giants blocked out! This idea is the basis of the "Buy Local" Campaign, and an important policy recommendation highlighted in our Small Area Plan. If you would like to write a review or post an advertisement for a local business to be showcased in this section of the FNA site, let us know!

Health & Educational Resources


HUBBS Center

1030 University Ave W



1037 University Ave W


Allegiance Ability Assistance

1047 University Ave W

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709 University Ave W


Polar Pharmacy & Medical Supplies

365 University Ave W



FNA Web-11.jpg

Shuang Hur Supermarket

654 University Ave W

Neighborhood Destinations-36.jpg

88 Oriental Foods

291 University Ave W

Neighborhood Destinations-38.jpg

Ha Tien Market

353 University Ave W

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Mi Linda Tierra

585 University Ave W


Thomas Ave Deli

922 Thomas Ave W

Neighborhood Destinations-52.jpg

May's Market

377 University Ave W


Dragon Star Oriental Foods

633 W Minnehaha Ave

Phil Oriental Food Store

789 University Ave W

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Sunrise Grocery

440 University Ave W

Neighborhood Destinations-43.jpg

Lempa Market

522 Rice St

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Sun Foods

544 University Ave

Hair & Beauty

Neighborhood Destinations-14.jpg

Infinite Hair Salon

425 University Ave W

Neighborhood Destinations-48.jpg

Xtreme Beauty

607 University Ave W

Neighborhood Destinations-47.jpg

Grooming House Barbershop

603 university Ave W

Neighborhood Destinations-1.jpg

Reliance Beauty Salon

712 University Ave W

Schools, Parks, & Recs


Minnehaha Recreation Center

685 W Minnehaha Ave


St. Paul City School

260 Edmund Ave W

Bars & Restaurants

Los Ocampo

615 University Ave W

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Big Daddy's Old Fashioned BBQ

625 University Ave W

Neighborhood Destinations-45.jpg

New Saigon

540 Rice St

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Lao Thai Family Restaurant

501 University Ave W

Neighborhood Destinations-8.jpg

iPho Saigon Restaurant

704 University Ave W

FNA Web-7.jpg

Hickory Hut

647 University Ave W

FNA Web Pics-12.jpg

Cheng Heng Restaurant

448 University Ave W

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Trieu Chau Restaurant

500 University Ave W

Neighborhood Destinations-54.jpg

Little Szechuan

422 University Ave W

Neighborhood Destinations-61.jpg

The Best Steak House

860 University Ave W


Johnny Baby's

981 University Ave W


Willards Liquor

738 Thomas Ave W

Neighborhood Destinations-34.jpg

Thai Hoa BBQ

854 University Ave W

Neighborhood Destinations-3.jpg

Ichiddo Ramen

712 University Ave W

Neighborhood Destinations-51.jpg

Homi Restaurant

864 University Ave W

Neighborhood Destinations-6.jpg


823 University Ave W

Neighborhood Destinations-5.jpg

China One

712 University Ave

FNA Web Pics-14.jpg

Pho CA Dao

439 University Ave W

Neighborhood Destinations-56.jpg

Ai Hue's Bakery & Deli

432 University Ave W


Hoa Bien

1105 University Ave


Trung Nam French Bakery

739 University Ave W

Neighborhood Destinations-11.jpg

Silhouette Bakery

383 University Ave W

Neighborhood Destinations-34.jpg

Tay Ho

302 University Ave W

Neighborhood Destinations-46.jpg

King Thai Asian Cuisine

225 University Ave W