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SMaPl - A Living Document

SMaPl - What is That?

SMAPL is an acronym for Small Area Plan. A Small Area Plan is an urban planning document that envisions how we, the community, would like Frogtown to evolve over the course of the next decade and beyond. Once submitted to the city and reviewed, our plan will be absorbed into the City of Saint Paul’s Comprehensive Plan, which is a collective vision for the whole of Saint Paul.

Our Small Area Plan was put together by our Neighborhood District Council—The Frogtown Neighborhood Association—and their board members, Frogtown community members, St. Paul City Planner, Tony Johnson, and Mychal Batson, a very dedicated local artist.

What Makes this Decade's Small Area Plan Different?

Aside from turning this decade's edition of our plan into a graphic novel, which is already pretty radical! We knew our document had to be so much more than a Small Area Plan, and that it couldn't be something easily looked over, cast aside, and discarded. Ultimately, we decided to make our Small Area Plan a Living Document!

What is a “Living Document”?

A Living Document is a dynamic document infused with the energy and pulse of the community, meaning it lives off the page. While we wait for “the powers that be” to consider, approve, and implement our proposed Policy Recommendations, there are plenty of steps we can take today, tomorrow, and the next day to ensure we're constantly moving closer to achieving our goals.

A Living Document is ever evolving. It’s we, the community, deciding to take our fate and well being into our own hands by taking initiative, organizing, and empowering ourselves.

Below is the first rendition of our Small Area Plan in full.

Give it look through.

Share it with your neighbors.

And let us know what you think!


SMaPl: Cliff Notes Version

If ya don’t have time to breeze through our entire Small Area Plan, we get it. It’s dense — which is why we’ve taken the liberty of condensing each section into its primary talking points. Check them out below.