Caty Royce


Caty Royce brings over 20 years of organizing experience to Frogtown. Caty started her work life as a Peace Corps volunteer in Senegal, West African and then came back to the US and began community organizing with APAC ( and then spent eighteen wonderful years as the Director of The Community Stabilization Project working to build a voice for under resourced tenants in the metro area. Caty's combination of organizing, housing and community development combined with her commitment to anti racism makes her the perfect fit for Frogtown Neighborhood Association.  Caty speaks Wolof and lives in South Minneapolis with her daughter and three dogs.

Contact Information:

Phone: 651-789-7480



Sam Buffington

 Organizing Director

Sam Buffington has been the community organizer of FNA since 2008 and working in the District Council system since 2005. Se habla español.

Contact Information:

Phone: (651) 789- 7481



Vong Lee


Vong Lee grew up in Frogtown throughout the 90's and has grown a strong connection with the community and looks forward to helping build it's future. He's been heavily involved in CHAT (Center for Hmong Arts and Talent) over the past 10 years, hosting Open Mics, organizing events and various other community activities. He's currently an Artist Organizer, where he works with artists to bring creative solutions and ideas to neighborhood issues. Some of the projects he's done has been focused on vacant lots and foreclosure issues. 

Contact Information:

Phone: 651-789-7483


Tia Williams


Tia Williams is a life long resident of the Frogtown Neighborhood, she has worked with the FNA in the past on engaging the community with the Promise Neighborhood Project, and also training inSafe Growth program, pertaining to the Developments on the Central corridor.  She is extremely passionate in building and creating a Community based Neighborhood.


Contact Information

Phone: 651- 206-4408



Dr. Sheronda Orridge


Sheronda Orridge holds a PhD in Holistic Life Coaching from the University of Sedona. Dr. Orridge is Owner / Operator of Loving Spirit Life Coach Academy LLC and is a life coach and life coach trainer for the Better Futures Minnesota where she coaches men returning home from prison.

As a Holistic Life Coach Dr. Orridge uses writing and performing as tools to help community gather their thoughts and express their opinions in healthy and productive ways. She is also a writer, spoken word artist, career certified facilitator, motivational speaker, certified birthing coach, curriculum developer, and community organizer. 


Contact Information

Phone: 651-261-9317