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Our Mission

The Frogtown Neighborhood Association cultivates balance and harmony within their community through grassroots organizing, community-driven projects, investment in community stakeholders, and strategic partnerships rooted in accountability, transparency, and shared values.

Our Purpose

The purpose of a District Council is to create opportunities for residents to learn about what is happening in their neighborhoods and collaborate with one another and city government to maintain and improve the quality of life in neighborhoods.

The activity common to all district councils is the development of a district plan (sometimes referred to as a neighborhood plan) that is reviewed by the Planning Commission, City Council and the Metropolitan Council--the region's metropolitan planning organization--before being adopted as part of the city's Comprehensive Plan.

Our plan, SMaPl - A Living Document, was submitted to the City of St. Paul in Spring of 2018 and adopted Summer of 2019.

Click HERE to learn more about Frogtown’s Small Area Plan.

Our Goal

The Frogtown Neighborhood Association has a rich history of being a stabilizer and point of contact within the Frogtown community. We will always aim to:

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Nurture & Promote grassroots INITIATIVES

FNA has played an instrumental role in the development of a variety of community-driven efforts here in Frogtown; such as the establishment of Frogtown Park and Farm, WFNU Frogtown Radio, the Victoria Theater Initiative, & Preserve Frogtown.

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Identify & Develop stakeholders

The fundamental role of a District Council is to communicate city processes in a way that’s palatable for community members. FNA utilizes art, storytelling, community engagement, and Frogtown Forums as a vessel to bridge this gap.

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Interpret city processes

Empowering artists, organizers, and future leaders within Frogtown is an essential part of FNA’s mission. Without the energy, ideas, and talent of dedicated community members, FNA would struggle to meet community demands. 

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stabilize and improve quality of life

Ensuring Frogtowners have roofs over their heads, food in their tummies, and clothes on their backs is a top priority for FNA. Through initiatives like Feeding Frogtown, organizing around tenant rights, and developing anti-displacement policy, FNA aims to do exactly that.

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